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Zombie Hunter review

Originally written and published on zombietraining.com on October 3, 2013.

(USA, 2013)

You can tell that director/writer Kevin King has a love of films. His directorial debut, Zombie Hunter, is filled with homages to some great post-apocalyptic and horror films of the past, however, not all of them work, but for the most part the film still delivers.

zombie hunter review ts alan

Set six months after a zombie apocalypse that was caused by the long-term affects of a highly potent and addictive street drug called Natas (think about it), a leather jacket wearing loner known only as the Hunter (Martin Copping), drives through the wastelands of rural America in a suped-up Chevrolet Camaro killing as many “Eaters” as he can. If that sounds vaguely familiar, it should...

Dead in Tombstone review

(USA, 2013)

Dutch born Roel Reiné has already proven himself to be a top-notch action director with movies like Death Race 2 and 12 Rounds: Reloaded. Roel started a new era in Dutch Cinema by making mainstream English language ‘Genre Movies’ with his company Rebel Film and has been very successful at doing them with modest budgets. His latest directorial release is no exception.

Dead In Tombstone, marks Reiné’s third film with actor Danny Trejo (Machete, Bad Ass) in this action-packed, supernatural Western that finds Trejo making a deal with the Devil for his soul and mortality after he is murdered by his own gang.

After the ruthless Blackwater Gang overruns the small gold mining town of Tombstone, Colorado (not Arizona) and murders its sheriff, the gang murders their own leader, Guerr...

Rise of the Zombies review

(2012, USA)

This Halloween weekend the SyFy Channel premiered director Nick Lyon’s Rise of the Zombies, which in the gluttony of recently released zombie films isn’t bad and far better than Lyon’s last SyFy presented horror film, Zombie Apocalypse.

Two months after a water borne virus has turned most of San Francisco’s population into the living dead, a group of survivors from the Alcatraz refugee camp are forced to flee when The Rock is overrun by the undead—with exception to microbiologist Dr. Dan Halpern (Lavar Burton), who stays behind to find a cure for his infected daughter that results in tragic consequences.

Escaping on a life raft and landing on the shoreline near the San Francisco Bay Bridge, half the group decides to follow the not-so-likeable Caspian (Danny Trejo) to ...