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THE LAST STOP – Ghosts, Spirits, and Specters: Volume 2

The Last Stop | TS Alan | Ghosts, Spirits, and Specters: Volume 2

“THE LAST STOP” is a bizarre and harrowing tale of a train trip gone wrong, taken by four friends as their last hurray before college. They’ll wish they never got off!

Ghosts, Spirits, and Specters: Volume 2 is second volume in HellBound Books Publishing’s popular anthology series is a superlative collection of fifteen spine-chilling, marrow-icing ghost stories that will have you hiding beneath the covers and reaching for the comfort of your nightlight’s glow.

Snippet from my story, “The Last Stop”:

Stepping off the train car and onto the platform the two were greeted by a sky that had an eerie sepia glow to it. Weston could only compare it to a scene from the movie Blade Runner 2049. He looked down the platform. Tara and Kyle were standing face-to-face...