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TS Alan is an American author of horror, supernatural fiction, and suspense, but also frequently incorporates elements of fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and satire. Alan has published five novels, and seven short stories.


Early Life
Alan was born outside Buffalo, NY. He was educated at Williamsville South High School, Niagara Community College and the State University College at Buffalo.

Writing career
Alan is an author of contemporary horror/fantasy. He is most known for his zombie stories. His first published novel was The Romero Strain (2014), which was published by Books of the Dead Press. The novel was re-released in 2018 in an author’s edition, which has been revised and expanded with an unpublished chapter. His sequel The Romero Strain: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness was originally released in November 2017 and a second edition was published in 2021. Alan’s third novel, World War Dead, was released in 2019., Sometimes They Come Back, was released in October 2020, and is a collected works of five twisted and bloody tales of revenge from beyond the grave. His most recent novel is Five for the Apocalypse, released in April of 2021.

Alan’s writing style is heavy in description and his plot moves forward minute by minute. As influences on his writing, Alan lists Clive Barker, Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, and O. Henry, among others.

His writing credits also include a short published in Scary Stuff anthology, two published in Devolution Z magazine, a short published in an anthology called What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories), and shorts published in anthologies called Whispers of the Apoc and Silence of the Apoc. His most recent short, “The Last Stop” was published in Ghosts, Spirits and Specters: Volume 2 on May 6, 2020.

TS Alan is also known for being a urban survivalist and prepper. He was the co-founder of the former entertainment website Zombie Education Alliance.

Urban Survival / Edged Weaponry / Evasion

Firearm of Choice: Sidearm – Sig Sauer P239 SAS Gen2 with Gold Dot hollow-point 9mm cartridge by CCI Speer / Automatic Weapon – Colt M4 carbine with SOPMOD Block II kit.
Edged or Blunt Weapon of Choice: Woodman’s Pal machete.
Fast or Slow Zombies: Fast or slow, you won’t know until the uprising begins so be prepared for all scenarios.
Last Words: I didn’t go out kicking and screaming, I went out kicking and killing.
Something Extra: Just Remember: Think smart, shop wisely, stay vigilant and be safe.

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