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Sometimes They Come Back

Sometimes They Come Back

Five Complete and Unabridged Stories


Love Undying

Pumpkin Face

The Other Self

Specter of the 1-2-3

A Soul for a Silver Dollar

Twisted, bloody tales of revenge from beyond the grave with stories set in the 1880s, 1960s, 1980s, and present day.

Read below for a synopsis for each story and exclusive snippets from each of the five tales.

Sometimes They Come Back available now on Amazon: Kindle and softcover. And Barnes & Noble: Nook Book

Artwork by Romolo Tavani

Edited by Kevin Fern

Sometimes They Come Back | TS Alan
Artwork by Romolo Tavavani. Design by TS Alan.

Love Undying, previously unpublished...

GRANDMA’S DEAD, ISN’T SHE? – The Scary Stuff Anthology

“GRANDMA’S DEAD, ISN’T SHE?” How do you explain to a loved one they died, when they refuse to believe you? This short is a quirky tale of a spry grandmother who just refuses to let go of her mortal coil.

The Scary Stuff Anthology is at heart a tribute to the kind of scary stories we grew up on. Twist endings, weird monsters, morality plays in microcosm. The kind of stories that keep you up at night and make you wonder just what that noise you heard in the basement really was.

Snippet from my story, “Grandma’s Dead, Isn’t She?”:

Mrs. Morrison was too busy to die. At 96 years old, she was the captain and star of her 4-person bocce team the Weirton Knights. The team was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Hall in the town she lived in since the time she had been born...