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Gangsters, Guns and Zombies review

(2012, UK)

A bank robbery gone bad has six criminals fleeing with their loot to a safe house amidst a zombie uprising, but when they finally make it they discover the cops waiting. Switch to the backup plan, a secondary safe house near the coast.

Running out of petro and deep within the countryside, the gang try to steal a car from a seemingly empty house but get a surprise when a shotgun toting grandma nix their plans. It’s a standoff between Nana, her granddaughter Cassie (Cassandra Orhan) and the bank robbers until the zombies intercede. Seeing they there not too bad of a lot, Nana (Jennie Lathan) allows them to stay the night, but ring leader Tony, played by Huggy Leaver (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, EastEnders), has other ideas.

This zombie film is supposed to have been a co...

Osombie review

(2012, USA)

While the concept of Osama bin Laden rising from the dead and coming back as a zombie may seem like bad taste to most, the idea for this low-budget action-horror seemed a great idea; especially since the zombie films of late are remakes or ones without any originality. Bad taste or not, it is an original idea with the potential of being a horror film zombie fans would want to see, and early buzz from internet blogs seemed to reflect that notion.

The story follows a group of NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, hunting down the root of a zombie uprising...

Cockneys vs Zombies review

(2012, UK)

The East End of London has been overrun by the undead, all thanks to two dimwitted construction workers who unearth and break into a burial vault that was sealed by the order of King Charles II, believing that they may have found a trove of buried gold. What they find are rotting corpses of the living dead and a quick end.

Meanwhile, as the outbreak begins to spread, two hapless brothers (Harry Treadaway, Terry Macquire) are attempting to rob a bank with the aid of their cousin Katy (Michelle Ryan), an inept convenience store robber (Jack Doolen) and Mental Mickey, a psychopathic career criminal played by Ashley Bashy Thomas...

Rise of the Zombies review

(2012, USA)

This Halloween weekend the SyFy Channel premiered director Nick Lyon’s Rise of the Zombies, which in the gluttony of recently released zombie films isn’t bad and far better than Lyon’s last SyFy presented horror film, Zombie Apocalypse.

Two months after a water borne virus has turned most of San Francisco’s population into the living dead, a group of survivors from the Alcatraz refugee camp are forced to flee when The Rock is overrun by the undead—with exception to microbiologist Dr. Dan Halpern (Lavar Burton), who stays behind to find a cure for his infected daughter that results in tragic consequences.

Escaping on a life raft and landing on the shoreline near the San Francisco Bay Bridge, half the group decides to follow the not-so-likeable Caspian (Danny Trejo) to ...

Exit Humanity review

(2012, Canada)

Six years after Edward Young’s (Mark Gibson) first encounter with an undead enemy soldier on a Tennessee battlefield during the American Civil War, he is forced to shoot his wife who has become one of the soulless monsters that now ravages the countryside. To add more heartache to his act, his son Adam has gone missing. Determined to find his child, Edward journeys further from his home in search, all along keeping a journal of his encounters (excerpts narrated by Brian Cox). Ultimately Edward locates his son, only to find that Adam has now become one of them, and he has no choice but to kill his only child.

Exit Humanity review TS Alan Dark HorizonsGrief stricken with all meaning lost in his life, he attempts several acts of suicide but fails...