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Five for the Apocalypse

Five For The Apocalypse ePub Cover | TS Alan

Five for the Apocalypse | Jessica MirandaFive for the Apocalypse

An apocalyptic story of war, a pandemic, love, friendship, betrayal, and survival set in a future, alternate America.


Read below for the full synopsis and three exclusive snippets from the novel.

Five for the Apocalypse available exclusively on Amazon: Kindle and softcover.


In an alternate future America, a deadly pandemic has torn the United Territories of America (UTA) into two factions and into a bloody and prolonged civil war. As the pandemic and war rages on, the Sovereign of the UTA vows that the government of the Territorial Republic of America will suffer greatly for their seditious act of secession...

Sometimes They Come Back

Sometimes They Come Back

Five Complete and Unabridged Stories


Love Undying

Pumpkin Face

The Other Self

Specter of the 1-2-3

A Soul for a Silver Dollar

Twisted, bloody tales of revenge from beyond the grave with stories set in the 1880s, 1960s, 1980s, and present day.

Read below for a synopsis for each story and exclusive snippets from each of the five tales.

Sometimes They Come Back available now on Amazon: Kindle and softcover. And Barnes & Noble: Nook Book

Artwork by Romolo Tavani

Edited by Kevin Fern

Sometimes They Come Back | TS Alan
Artwork by Romolo Tavavani. Design by TS Alan.

Love Undying, previously unpublished...

World War Dead

World War Dead by TS Alan


World War Dead was never intended to be a novel. My original idea was to write five stories as short novellas — Battle of the Dead, Night of the Living Tokyo Dead, Escape from the Dead, Queen of the Dead, and War of the Dead — set in different locales around the world that would connect to each other. They would connect not only in theme but also with the characters. The ones that survived were to be in the final novella.

However, by the time I began work on the fourth story, my editor suggested I instead turn the stories into a novel. He also suggested that I not include Night of the Living Tokyo Dead because it contained too much dark comedy and no longer fit the tone of the other stories...

The Romero Strain (Author’s Edition)

The Romero Strain (Author's Revised Edition) | TS Alan

The Romero Strain (Book I) has been given a re-release as The Romero Strain (Author’s Edition), including a previously unpublished chapter. Out now in paperback and eBook. Read below for all the details.


For me, getting creative story ideas from mind to paper isn’t hard. The difficult part is stringing the words together to make logical sentences that are entertaining — then having my editor tell me to go back and rewrite it so it makes sense.

I revised this novel because at the time I did not have an editor. The final corrections were to be done by my publisher. They were not. Eventually, the rights to The Romero Strain reverted back to me. I felt my fans deserved a better book.

I want to acknowledge my associated writers at Books of the Dead Press: ...

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness (Second Edition)

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness (2nd Edition)
Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle edition or Barnes & Noble Paperback and Nook.

Released February 16, 2021. With all all new art by John Becaro.

The Romero Strain II is an intense book which keeps the reader entertained and concerned about what will happen next. The author is knowledgeable in crucial areas such as weaponry and the organization of the military. Overall, the attention to detail and the high quality of writing elevate TS Alan’s book above most of the books in the zombie genre.”
~ Pacific Book Review

Pacific Book Review Awards 2018
Best Thriller: Finalist

The Romero Strain had swept across the globe, turning most of its inhabitants into the living dead...

The Romero Strain: Reader Questions Answered

Answers to readers questions about characters, subplots and more

In January 2014, my first novel was published as an eBook by Books of the Dead Press. Several months later it was released in paperback. As a celebration of the novel’s first anniversary, I would like to answer some of the questions from readers I have received over the last year in regard to it.

Question: Was the real David DiMinni you dedicated the novel to like the character in your book?

The real David DiMinni was one of my dearest friends. So the camaraderie between J.D. Nichols and David is genuine along with the essence of his personality. However, David’s character is for the most part fictionalized. David was never in a band and never spouted movie quotes...

The Romero Strain

UPDATE – October 31, 2018: The Romero Strain (Author’s Edition) is now available in paperback again in a revised edition. For more details click here: The Romero Strain (Author’s Edition).

Originally released March 2, 2014 on Books of the Dead Press.

The Romero Strain

A group of New Yorkers survive a zombie outbreak by navigating the city’s utility and transportation tunnels, only to discover a terrifying threat below.


For J.D. Nichols and his dog Max the day started out like any other, with a walk along the streets of the Lower East Side. The morning was eventful––a day J.D. needed his skills as a paramedic and his extensive knowledge of New York’s underground to survivor a zombie outbreak.

After coming to the aid of a young girl, the pair flee to a nearby power facility ...

The Romero Strain Cover Artwork

The Romero Strain Cover

This is the cover to my upcoming novel The Romero Strain published by Books of the Dead Press.