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GRANDMA’S DEAD, ISN’T SHE? – The Scary Stuff Anthology

“GRANDMA’S DEAD, ISN’T SHE?” How do you explain to a loved one they died, when they refuse to believe you? This short is a quirky tale of a spry grandmother who just refuses to let go of her mortal coil.

The Scary Stuff Anthology is at heart a tribute to the kind of scary stories we grew up on. Twist endings, weird monsters, morality plays in microcosm. The kind of stories that keep you up at night and make you wonder just what that noise you heard in the basement really was.

Snippet from my story, “Grandma’s Dead, Isn’t She?”:

Mrs. Morrison was too busy to die. At 96 years old, she was the captain and star of her 4-person bocce team the Weirton Knights. The team was sponsored by the Knights of Columbus Hall in the town she lived in since the time she had been born...

THE LAST STOP – Ghosts, Spirits, and Specters: Volume 2

The Last Stop | TS Alan | Ghosts, Spirits, and Specters: Volume 2

“THE LAST STOP” is a bizarre and harrowing tale of a train trip gone wrong, taken by four friends as their last hurray before college. They’ll wish they never got off!

Ghosts, Spirits, and Specters: Volume 2 is second volume in HellBound Books Publishing’s popular anthology series is a superlative collection of fifteen spine-chilling, marrow-icing ghost stories that will have you hiding beneath the covers and reaching for the comfort of your nightlight’s glow.

Snippet from my story, “The Last Stop”:

Stepping off the train car and onto the platform the two were greeted by a sky that had an eerie sepia glow to it. Weston could only compare it to a scene from the movie Blade Runner 2049. He looked down the platform. Tara and Kyle were standing face-to-face...

Silence of the Apoc: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse

Silence of the Apoc | Yakuza Dead | TS Alan

Silence of the Apoc: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse

Nobody knew how it began.

Nobody knew how it would end.

All they knew was that they had to survive another day… and another night.
Silence of the Apoc: . Volume Two of the Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse series.

About TS Alan’s story:

“Yakuza Dead”

Originally intended to be part of my upcoming novel World War Dead, the dark humor of the dialog and character situations did not fit the overall theme. Tannhauser Press was kind enough to include it in their anthology as a stand alone short story .

Two rival yakuza clans and a horde of the living dead are the center point of this gruesome, action packed tale of revenge and escape, which is mainly set in a ten-story hotel on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Yakuza boss Kudo is out for revenge over t...

Whispers of the Apoc: Tales From the Zombie Apocalypse

Whispers of the Apoc | From Dead to Dust | TS Alan

Whispers of the Apoc: Tales From the Zombie Apocalypse (Volume 1)

No one knew how it started.

The world that took thousands of years to build, fell in just a few weeks. These are the stories of those who were strong enough, or lucky enough, or crazy enough to survive.

Some simply survived.

About TS Alan’s story:

“From Dead to Dust”

In my novel The Romero Strain, J.D. Nichols never discovered what happened to the seven 69th Infantry Regiment armory soldiers sent to the roof by their base commander Colonel Harland Travers. The mystery of their whereabouts was also not addressed in the sequel, The Romero Strain: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness.

Tannhauser Press was kind enough to include it in their anthology. In this stand alone short story — before J.D...

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness (Second Edition)

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness (2nd Edition)
Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle edition or Barnes & Noble Paperback and Nook.

Released February 16, 2021. With all all new art by John Becaro.

The Romero Strain II is an intense book which keeps the reader entertained and concerned about what will happen next. The author is knowledgeable in crucial areas such as weaponry and the organization of the military. Overall, the attention to detail and the high quality of writing elevate TS Alan’s book above most of the books in the zombie genre.”
~ Pacific Book Review

Pacific Book Review Awards 2018
Best Thriller: Finalist

The Romero Strain had swept across the globe, turning most of its inhabitants into the living dead...

Devolution Z September 2016: The Horror Magazine

Devolution Z September 2016

Very happy to have another short story published in this magazine with a revenge from the grave tale.

“The Other Self”: In 1975, independent contract killer Roberto Umberto and his pregnant wife get murdered in their Brooklyn home. With his last dying breath he swears revenge on everyone involved. Ten years later, Roberto Umberto returns from the dead to keep his promise in a bloody rampage that takes him from Manhattan to Long Island.


Roberto quickly reloaded as two more Gallinari henchman came out the front door. He dropped them before they could get a clear shot and then entered the house, heading to the dinning room. Two more charged at him, having come from the way of the dinning room, firing as they did...

What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories #1)

Lit Select’s What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories #1)

15 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tales

I wrote “To Serve and Protect” a few years back, but could not find a magazine or an anthology that would accept it. It wasn’t a reflection on my writing, rather a reflection on the story’s length. The word count on “To Serve and Protect” is short of being a true short story, so all my publishing queries came back as does not meet the publisher’s requirement.

Last month I was searching open submission calls for shorts, when I came upon Lit Select’s call for an upcoming anthology entitled What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories #1) As I read the submission word minimum, I once again saw I was short on the word count...

Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine

Devolution Z Horror Magazine, April 2016

Happy to be apart of this issue with my short story entitled “Deadland.” A Native American tale based on the Ojibwe legend of the Wendigo.

“Deadland”: In 1867 Montana, a bigoted deputy marshal reluctantly enlists the aid of a renegade Native American as a guide to a remote mining camp suffering a cholera outbreak, only to discover the dead have risen.

Available from in print edition or digital edition: Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine (Volume 9)

“Disorder in the Court” by Chance Barton & Cordelia Vandenburg
“A Song of Crickets” by Simon McHardy
“Mind the Gap” by Ronald Hayes
“Another Shitty Day in the Apocalypse” by John Teel
“Nocturne” by Richard Mark Ankers
“Plight of the Valkyrie” by Daniel Soule

The Romero Strain: Reader Questions Answered

Answers to readers questions about characters, subplots and more

In January 2014, my first novel was published as an eBook by Books of the Dead Press. Several months later it was released in paperback. As a celebration of the novel’s first anniversary, I would like to answer some of the questions from readers I have received over the last year in regard to it.

Question: Was the real David DiMinni you dedicated the novel to like the character in your book?

The real David DiMinni was one of my dearest friends. So the camaraderie between J.D. Nichols and David is genuine along with the essence of his personality. However, David’s character is for the most part fictionalized. David was never in a band and never spouted movie quotes...

The Romero Strain

UPDATE – October 31, 2018: The Romero Strain (Author’s Edition) is now available in paperback again in a revised edition. For more details click here: The Romero Strain (Author’s Edition).

Originally released March 2, 2014 on Books of the Dead Press.

The Romero Strain

A group of New Yorkers survive a zombie outbreak by navigating the city’s utility and transportation tunnels, only to discover a terrifying threat below.


For J.D. Nichols and his dog Max the day started out like any other, with a walk along the streets of the Lower East Side. The morning was eventful––a day J.D. needed his skills as a paramedic and his extensive knowledge of New York’s underground to survivor a zombie outbreak.

After coming to the aid of a young girl, the pair flee to a nearby power facility ...