Devolution Z September 2016: The Horror Magazine

Devolution Z September 2016: The Horror Magazine

Devolution Z September 2016

Very happy to have another short story published in this magazine with a revenge from the grave tale.

“The Other Self”: In 1975, independent contract killer Roberto Umberto and his pregnant wife get murdered in their Brooklyn home. With his last dying breath he swears revenge on everyone involved. Ten years later, Roberto Umberto returns from the dead to keep his promise in a bloody rampage that takes him from Manhattan to Long Island.


Roberto quickly reloaded as two more Gallinari henchman came out the front door. He dropped them before they could get a clear shot and then entered the house, heading to the dinning room. Two more charged at him, having come from the way of the dinning room, firing as they did. Roberto didn’t even flinch at the bullets being fired at him. He emptied the remainder of the machine pistols’ rounds into the men. The bullets ripped through their torsos spraying blood on the living room wall and furniture. Roberto dropped his empty weapons and then pulled his two Colt pistols from their holsters and continued to the dinning room.

Devolution Z, September 2016.

Available from in print edition or digital edition: Devolution Z September 2016: The Horror Magazine (Volume 14)

“To Kill a Quisquilia” by Daniel Soule
“The Eulogy” by Francis J. Burns
“The Secret Name All Living Things Know” by Bruce L. Priddy
“The Cure” by Marisa Manuel
“They Are out There” by Dave Dormer
“Meet the New Boss” by D.M. Hicks
“Good Night, Sleep Tight” by Frank A. Schury
“Flower Girl” by Brad Scott
“Personal Effects” by Christa Carmen
“The Other Self” by TS Alan

“Mile Marker 237” by Marsheila Rockwell
“The Midnight Hunt of Slenderman” by Grant Butler
“Last Train Out” by Kurt Newton

Devolution Z September 2016 TS Alan

COVER ART: Breaker Maximus
Released: September 1, 2016