Whispers of the Apoc: Tales From the Zombie Apocalypse

Whispers of the Apoc: Tales From the Zombie Apocalypse

Whispers of the Apoc: Tales From the Zombie Apocalypse (Volume 1)

No one knew how it started.

The world that took thousands of years to build, fell in just a few weeks. These are the stories of those who were strong enough, or lucky enough, or crazy enough to survive.

Some simply survived.

About TS Alan’s story:

“From Dead to Dust”

In my novel The Romero Strain, J.D. Nichols never discovered what happened to the seven 69th Infantry Regiment armory soldiers sent to the roof by their base commander Colonel Harland Travers. The mystery of their whereabouts was also not addressed in the sequel, The Romero Strain: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness.

Tannhauser Press was kind enough to include it in their anthology. In this stand alone short story — before J.D. Nichols and his survivor team took refuge in the 69th Regiment Armory — you will uncover the harrowing tale of the brave soldiers of the 69th Infantry Regiment during the last hours before the armory’s fall, and what each of them endured in their escape to survive.

I hope you enjoy “From Dead to Dust“, as much as I enjoyed writing the characters.


Captain Cullin Arn and her six men never heard the pistol shot that ended their commander’s life. They were too busy attempting to make it to the stairwell that lead to the roof. The hallways were overrun with the living dead, slowing their progress. Captain Arn was at the front of the fight. The strawberry blonde haired officer wasn’t one to pass off point position to a subordinate. Her fierceness as a warfighter was only out done by her proactive commitment to getting the job done against a determined and tenacious enemy.

Down the second floor hallway they went, slowly pushing through the enemy ahead while keeping the ones in the rear at bay. Killing a fast moving zombie with a needed headshot wasn’t as easy as it was often portrayed in movies and television. Soldiers are trained to shoot center mass, which gives the greatest chance of a bullet landing somewhere in the vicinity of the organs, which mediates the cessation of hostilities by seriously incapacitating or killing the aggressor. However, when you aim small, you miss small, and Arn and her soldiers were expending a lot of ammunition. They were fighting to get to the stairwell that would lead them up to the third floor to the stairwell to the roof.

The stairway from the second to third floor was clear, but the upper level hallway was awash with dead zombies as well as the corpses of Sergeant Becker’s team. Becker and his fire team had been sent earlier to the third level to facilitate the eradication of those in the hospital wing that had died and reanimated. Except there were so many of A and E Company that had “turned” that the fire team had called they were being overrun and needed reinforcements. However, Colonel Travis could not spare anyone; they were too busy with the zombies on the main floor. Becker’s team never returned.
The floor and walls were splattered with copious amounts of blood and bits of brain matter and flesh, so much that the hallway looked like an abstract splatter painting by Norman Bluhm. Slowly, stealthily, and one at a time the team exited onto the floor. It was eerily quiet. Not one zombie roaming about. All the team had to do was travel two-thirds down the corpse strewn corridor to where the roof access door was located. 1st Lieutenant Mathew Cooper was the last to come through the stairwell doorway. He cautiously closed it so the noise of the lock latching back into its recess was barely audible. The floor was tacky with coagulated blood and entrails. Carefully the group moved toward the roof access door in standard military formation, stepping over a myriad of bodies as they progressed toward their objective.

Whispers of the Apoc: Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse (Volume 1)
published, January 4, 2018.

Available from Amazon in Paperback or Kindle edition.

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Whispers of the Apoc | From Dead to Dust | TS Alan

COVER ART: Heidi Sutherlin
Released: January 4, 2018
EDITED by: Donna Royston & Martin Wilsey


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