The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness (Second Edition)

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness (Second Edition)

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness (2nd Edition)
Available from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle edition or Barnes & Noble Paperback and Nook.

Released February 16, 2021. With all all new art by John Becaro.

The Romero Strain II is an intense book which keeps the reader entertained and concerned about what will happen next. The author is knowledgeable in crucial areas such as weaponry and the organization of the military. Overall, the attention to detail and the high quality of writing elevate TS Alan’s book above most of the books in the zombie genre.”
~ Pacific Book Review

Pacific Book Review Awards 2018
Best Thriller: Finalist

The Romero Strain had swept across the globe, turning most of its inhabitants into the living dead. However, months after the zombie apocalypse, the living dead have become rotting corpses, and in the aftermath, two mutant species have risen—transmutes and half-mutes.

Transmutes were spawned from the infected whose DNA contained a mutated receptor gene left over from the days of the black plague, mostly those of Irish ethnicity. Though a transmute’s features of an elongated neck, bluish-gray skin, fingers with razor-sharp talons, and large black eyes give them a menacing appearance, they are not as aggressive as the other mutant species. Transmutes are solitary creatures that come out at dark to hunt for food: rodents, dogs, cats, and sometimes humans.

Half-mutes were born out of a mutated strain of the original virus. These jaundice-fleshed mutations are day creatures and are attracted by noise. They are monstrous in appearance, highly aggressive, nearly fearless, and hungry for flesh of all kinds: animal, transmute, and human.

In New York City, a survivor group led by paramedic J.D. Nichols continues their quest at locating and rescuing the children abducted by Edward Stone, the self-proclaimed king of New York. Stone is a convicted sadistic sexual predator and serial murderer, and he and his group are hell-bent on butchering altruist J.D. and laying claim to the Sixty-Ninth Regiment Armory, where J.D. and his group have established a refuge.

Nevertheless, killing Stone and rescuing the children isn’t the only problem the armory leader has. Armory resources are running low. There are other hostile survivors to contend with, and J.D. is being trailed by a terrifying half-mute with a missing finger. However, the greatest threat to the armory group’s survival may be J.D. himself, who is slowly mutating into a transmute. Can J.D. maintain his humanity long enough to save the children and relocate his survivor group to Upstate New York, or will his mutation overtake him, causing him to fail? And exactly why is the half-mute with the missing finger stalking J.D.?

The Romero Strain II: The Dead, the Damned, and the Darkness is an intense and gripping post-apocalyptic sequel to The Romero Strain.

The Romero Strain II | TS Alan


COVER ART: John Becaro



Pedro Cem

Picking up where the previous book left off, the sequel continues to follow zombie apocalypse survivor J.D. Nichols surviving in the devastated New York City area. The living dead have all died off, leaving three groups behind fighting for domination: Transmutes that live underground and come out to feed only at night, Half-mutes that have replaced the zombies as the deadliest predator, and groups of human scavengers fighting for survival. One of these groups is particularly ruthless, run by a man named Edward Stone who considers himself the ruler of the entire area. In addition to kidnapping and killing the other survivors, Stone is also abducting children for his own sick desires. J.D. and a new group of allies led by a former actor named Ryan Duncan must defy the hordes of mutants and end the reign of Stone.
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