Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine

Devolution Z Horror Magazine, April 2016

Happy to be apart of this issue with my short story entitled “Deadland.” A Native American tale based on the Ojibwe legend of the Wendigo.

“Deadland”: In 1867 Montana, a bigoted deputy marshal reluctantly enlists the aid of a renegade Native American as a guide to a remote mining camp suffering a cholera outbreak, only to discover the dead have risen.

Available from in print edition or digital edition: Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine (Volume 9)

“Disorder in the Court” by Chance Barton & Cordelia Vandenburg
“A Song of Crickets” by Simon McHardy
“Mind the Gap” by Ronald Hayes
“Another Shitty Day in the Apocalypse” by John Teel
“Nocturne” by Richard Mark Ankers
“Plight of the Valkyrie” by Daniel Soule
“Dogman” by Calvin Demmer
“Tethers” by Kane Gordon
“Deadland” by TS Alan

“Death Rise” by Cyn Bermudez
“From Corn to Sea” by Wesley D. Gray
“Shuffles the Chik Chik Sprite” by Jeremy Mac
“Altar of Wood” by Terry Miller

Devolution Z April 2016 TS Alan

COVER ART: Luke Spooner
Released: April 1, 2016