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The Romero Strain (author’s revised edition)

The Romero Strain (Author's Revised Edition) | TS Alan

The Romero Strain will get a re-release as The Romero Strain (Author’s Revised Edition) coming Spring 2018. Read below for all the details.


Being this was my first novel, and having been a new writer, there were a few issues with the draft my publisher accepted. The publisher told me that he would send a revised draft back that was absent of any grammatical and spelling errors, and with edit suggestions. For the most part I took to heart his edit suggestions and started removing parts he deemed not needed. At the time I never considered what he suggested was not necessarily correct...

Romero Strain II Book Signing – New York City

Book Signing for

The Romero Strain 2 | TS Alan | Romero Strain II

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

2:00 – 3:30 pm.

The Thirsty Scholar
155 Second Avenue (btwn. 10 h & 9th Sts.)
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-6514

  • Books will be available for purchase at the venue for the price of $15.00 (tax included). Complimentary beer for those over 21. Soda for everyone else. Cheers!
  • Cash bar will also be available during the event.