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    Devolution Z September 2016: The Horror Magazine

    Devolution Z September 2016 TS Alan

    Devolution Z September 2016

    Very happy to have another short story published in this magazine with a revenge from the grave tale.

    “The Other Self”: In 1975, independent contract killer Roberto Umberto and his pregnant wife get murdered in their Brooklyn home. With his last dying breath he swears revenge on everyone involved. Ten years later, Roberto Umberto returns from the dead to keep his promise in a bloody rampage that takes him from Manhattan to Long Island.


    Roberto quickly reloaded as two more Gallinari henchman came out the front door...

    What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories #1)

    Lit Select's What Went Wrong? Legendary Stories #1 To Serve and Protect TS Alan

    Lit Select’s What Went Wrong? (Legendary Stories #1)

    15 Sci-Fi and Fantasy Tales

    I wrote “To Serve and Protect” a few years back, but could not find a magazine or an anthology that would accept it. It wasn’t a reflection on my writing, rather a reflection on the story’s length. The word count on “To Serve and Protect” is short of being a true short story, so all my publishing queries came back as does not meet the publisher’s requirement.

    Last month I was searching open submission calls for shorts, when I came upon Lit Select’s call for an upcoming anthology entitled What Went Wrong? (Legendar...

    Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine

    Devolution Z April 2016 Deadland TS Alan

    Devolution Z Horror Magazine, April 2016

    Happy to be apart of this issue with my short story entitled “Deadland.” A Native American tale based on the Ojibwe legend of the Wendigo.

    “Deadland”: In 1867 Montana, a bigoted deputy marshal reluctantly enlists the aid of a renegade Native American as a guide to a remote mining camp suffering a cholera outbreak, only to discover the dead have risen.

    Available from in print edition or digital edition: Devolution Z April 2016: The Horror Magazine (Volume 9)

    “Disorder in the Court” by Chance Barton & Cordelia Vandenburg
    “A Song of Cric...

    The Romero Strain: Reader Questions Answered

    The Romero Strain: Reader Questions Answered TS Alan

    Answers to readers questions about characters, subplots and more

    In January 2014, my first novel was published as an eBook by Books of the Dead Press. Several months later it was released in paperback. As a celebration of the novel’s first anniversary, I would like to answer some of the questions from readers I have received over the last year in regard to it.

    Question: Was the real David DiMinni you dedicated the novel to like the character in your book?

    The real David DiMinni was one of my dearest friends. So the camaraderie between J.D...

    The Romero Strain

    The Romero Strain Cover

    Released March 2, 2014 on Books of the Dead Press.

    The Romero Strain

    A group of New Yorkers survive a zombie outbreak by navigating the city’s utility and transportation tunnels, only to discover a terrifying threat below.


    For J.D. Nichols and his dog Max the day started out like any other, with a walk along the streets of the Lower East Side. The morning was eventful––a day J.D. needed his skills as a paramedic and his extensive knowledge of New York’s underground to survivor a zombie outbreak.

    After coming to the aid of a young girl, the pair flee to a nearby power facility...

    The Romero Strain Cover Artwork

    The Romero Strain Cover

    This is the cover to my upcoming novel The Romero Strain published by Books of the Dead Press.