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    Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016 Remake Review

    Rocky Horror Picture Show 2016 Remake Review | TS Alan

    Rocky Gets A Remake, but is Devoid of the Campy Magic of the Original

    Oh, Lou Adler. How could you?

    It is apparent by the abysmal remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) that Execute Producer Lou Adler could not do the time warp again and recapture the magic from four decades ago. In fact by the tone downed, cleaned up and slick prime time presentation, it is clear that FOX television is out of touch with what The Rocky Horror Picture Show is all about.

    In 1975, the LGBT community was just beginning to establish themselves. It was a time of being wild and transgressive...

    Lucifer pilot review

    Lucifer pilot review TS Alan

    Neil Gaiman’s comic character Lucifer to come to Prime Time in 2016… or will it?

    Fans of comic television and of Neil Gaiman’s Vertigo character shouldn’t get too excited at the news that the British-accented Lucifer Morningstar will get a television series, because the gay hating, ultra-conservative Mississippi based One Million Moms is out to give Hell to Fox’s new Lucifer show, and they have organized a campaign to stop the show’s production because they are upset (of course they are), saying the program “mischaracterizes” Satan and “mocks the Bible.”

    Lucifer originally filmed a put-pilo...

    Dead Within review

    dead within review ts alan

    Cabin Fever in a Post-apocalyptic World

    Zombies not Required

    Plot Summary:

    Mike (Dean Chekvala) and Kim (Amy Cale Peterson) are a married couple that have taken sanctuary in a remote, solitary cabin for six months after a devastating viral outbreak. Time and isolation has taken its toll on their supplies, and on their marriage. Not only have they had to kill off the infected friends that had taken refuge with them, but also had to bury their infant child, who had succumb to a virus that turns your eyes and blood black, and drives you into a deranged, murderous state...

    The Expendables 3 Review

    the expendables 3 review

    When the Lionsgate roars, the government listens

    The Expendables 3 Lawsuit and Leak Probe

    For those of you who are unaware, The Expendables 3 was leaked online through BitTorrent sites nearly three weeks ago. Movies often leak online, but this piracy is a big deal for two reasons. First off, it leaked before the movie hit theaters weeks before its scheduled premiere of August 15. And secondly, the quality of the leak is extremely high...

    Cowboys vs Zombies review

    Cowboys Vs Zombies Movie Review TS Alan Dark Horizons

    Cowboys vs Zombies: The Devil’s Crossing

    (USA, 2014)

    Director/writer James Ryan Gary feature debut, Cowboys vs. Zombies: The Devil’s Crossing was made on $5,000. With this kind of budget one would expect some flaws, but the true flaw is with the screenwriting. The film was originally named The Devil’s Crossing and was made in 2011, not getting an US release until December 2013.

    When the film opens we see the protagonist Shadrach (Michael Sharpe) digging a wintery grave in the woods, talking to who is perceived to be the grave digger’s boss...

    Top 35 Must See Zombie Films: Part 3

    Top 35 Must See Zombie Films TS Alan

    Originally written and published on zombietraining.com, October 31, 2013.

    Welcome back to our final installment of the Top 35 Must See Zombie Films to date, picked by me and the ZT staff. In ascending order Part 3 gives you films 12 through 1. You may find some films that you would expect on the top of the list, but you maybe surprised by a few of our choices.

    12. Dead Snow aka Død Snø (2009, Norway, Director: Tommy Wirkola).

    The sight of rotten-faced Nazis always gets us excited, and this Norwegian horror flick delivers on the storm trooper front. This is another Zombie Training staff favo...